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Vicky Barranguet. Abstract Expressionism.

Montevideo, Uruguay, 1973. Currently lives and works in New York. Vicky has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally and her paintings have also been acquired by various private collections. Her work is embodied by an empirical investigation of the pictorial structure, where processes departing from spontaneous gestures evolve into elaborate and complex systems where improvisation, organization of form and space, and attention to detail are at its core. She created in 2005 the show: Painting Music, a live painting - music show, touring since then through out the world, with original music, nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards, by her partner Gustavo Casenave and participation of Jane Ira Bloom y Federico Britos, Grammy award winners. In 2006, she created a special collection of hand painted dresses, presenting them in Uruguay’s Fashion Week '06, '07 & '08, collaborating with different designers. In 2010 she was the featured artist for Jodi Arnold’s 2010 collection in New York City, featured in the New York Times. Her career developed over many years in Uruguay and in United States where she has studied in the recent years with painters such as Larry Poons and William Scharf, and Clever Lara in Uruguay. Barranguet’s work has also been commissioned by Nike, Adidas and Long Champs just to mention a few. Vicky Barranguet brings us a collection of amazing works and visions. Recipient of Merit awards at the ASL NY, exhibits at the Lincoln Center’s Cork Gallery, show curated by "The Frick Collection" curators. In 2011, her art was chosen by Susan Street Fine Art Gallery and the University of California in San Diego, CA, mural permanent collection at the Suplizio Family Cardiovascular Center/UCSD (University of California).   In 2017, she was commissioned by PWC, for a big piece, located at their lobby at 90 Park Ave PWC’s building.


McCaig-Welles, NYC  |  Artemisa Latin American Art Gallery, NYC  |  Saatchi Art Gallery, USA  |  Sugarlift, NYC  | Turning Art, Boston, MA  |  The Other Art Fair, LONDON | USA | Teodora Gallery, Paris  |   Jonathan Shorr Gallery - SOHO, New York | Shanghai Art Fair and IFA Art Gallery - China  | Hearts of NY - Tokio, Japan |  Galería Prinardi, Puerto Rico | Villa America Fine Art, New York | Plaxall, LIC, New York |  Somniac Gallery, New York |  Theater of the City of New York |  Gloria Kennedy, DUMBO, Brooklyn, New York |  Space Art Center New York | Galeria Acatrás - Montevideo, Uruguay | Diana Saravia Gallery, Montevideo, Uruguay | La Pasionaria, Montevideo, Uruguay | Galeria Los Caracoles, Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, among others


Upcoming, recent and current exhibitions:

AQUA Art Miami - 5-9 December 2018

THE OTHER ART FAIR, Chicago, LA, NY - September, October and November 2018

"Here and There", Artemisa Gallery, Chelsea, NY - May - June, 2018

“The Rites of Spring”, Art345 / The Villa America Fine Art, New York - May - June 2018

'Canto XVIII' Spark Plus Art, May- June 2018

“The Other Art Fair”, New York - May 2018

“The Other Art Fair”,  Los Angeles - March 2018

‘Then She did’, McCaig Welles, Plaxall Gallery, LIC, NYC, March 2018

Art on Paper - Sugarlift Gallery, March 2018 | ‘Bliss’ Jose Ignacio, Uruguay, Feb2018

‘A Strange Reaction’ McCaig Welles, 212Arts, New York - Jan 2018 


"The Other Art Fair", New York, November 2017

"New York Notes", solo exhibit, Teodora Gallery, Paris, France, October-November 2017

"Single Fare" Art on Metrocards, NY Academy or Art Group Show, Highline Studios, New York, September, 2017

"Affordable Art Fair", Sugarlift Gallery, New York, September 2017

Summer Pop-up in The Hamptons, Artemisa Gallery, NYC, August 2017

"The Other Art Fair", New York, April 2017

"Open Studios Group Show" Frieze week, Sugarlift Gallery, NYC, April 2017 

"Brooklyn Designs-Saatchi Art" NYC 2017

"New York Based Artists", Artemisa Gallery, NYC, June 2017

"Opus", Artemisa Gallery and featured Artsy exhibit, NYC 2017

"The Other Art Fair", London 2017 

“Trumpomania” - McCaig-Welles, Salomon Gallery, Tribeca, NY - Group show 2017 


“Aqua” Art Fair, Miami, Florida, McCaig-Welles, Nov-December 2016

“Groundswell” group Exhibition + Fundraiser featuring and honoring The Guerrilla Girls, October 2016

“Affordable Art Fair” NYC, Sugarlift Gallery, best booth award, September 2016

“Summer Group Show” Artemisa Latin American Art Gallery, Chelsea, NYC, June/July 2016

“Hot Party Show” McCaig-Welles, group Exhibit, 212Arts Gallery, July 2016

“Summer Group Show” Artemisa Latin American Art Gallery, Greenwich, CT, April/May 2016

"Context NY 2016" Art Fair - Barranguet SOLO EXHIBIT - McCaig-Welles - MAY 3-8, 2016 - Pier 94, New York, NY

"Aqua" Art Fair - Miami Art Basel Week, McCaig-Welles

"Conception" Art Fair - Miami Art Basel Week, McCaig-Welles

Trophy Art” Group Exhibition - McCaig-Welles, AZART Gallery, Chelsea, NYC 


"Aqua" Art Fair - Miami Art Basel Week, McCaig-Welles

"Conception" Art Fair - Miami Art Basel Week, McCaig-Welles

Trophy Art” Group Exhibition - McCaig-Welles, AZART Gallery, Chelsea, NYC

“TROPHY ART” focuses on 20 artists who are pioneers, skilled practitioners, insightful storytellers,  talents, outspoken critics or standout tastemakers. Each work is valued on skill, impact and a passion for their pursuit to make a bold and pervasive statement. The collection is powerful, impressive and resonates with the core aesthetics of the true process of invention and creation.

“TANGO” Stowe Music Tango Festival ART EXHIBIT, Stowe, Vermont

“SUMMER SHOW”, Artemisa Contemporary Latin American Art, Chelsea, NY

“Artistas Hispanos”, collective exhibit, Queens Museum, New York

“Motion” Solo Exhibit, The Consulate General of Uruguay in NY

“Infinito” Solo Exhibit, Space Gallery, LIC, New York

“Affordable Art Fair”, Singapore - Di Legno Gallery

“El Bajo”, Collective exhibit, Casona Mauá, Montevideo, Uruguay

“Gómez” Collective exhibit, Montevideo, Uruguay

“Affordable Art Fair”, New York - SAATCHI ART BOOTH

“Metáforas” Barranguet/Jaumandreu, Satriano-Piñon Art, Montevideo, Uruguay

“Arte Contemporaneo” Yacht Club, Punta del Este, Uruguay



“ArtBombNY” Brooklyn, NY

“ANDY” Dejavu Art Gallery, Manhattan, NY

“Paseo de las Artes” Casona Mauá, Montevideo, Uruguay

“Tango” Stowe Tango Festival, Vermont

“Dalarna” Municipio de Maldonado, Uruguay

“Dangerous Minds” BGMoca, Punta del Este, Uruguay

“Abstract ART Now 2014” Online collection, Saatchi, curator Rebecca Wilson



“Wish”, Space Gallery, group show, LIC, NY

“Traces”, Interiors of Washington, Bethesda, Maryland

"CurateNYC2013" curated by Paul Goodwin, London, Tate Britain

"CurateNYC2013" curated by guest curator Jim Steranko, Writer/Artist and Comic Book Legend

"CurateNYC2013" curated by guest curator Alexandra E. Warder, Director, Bosse & Baum (London)

“LISTEN NEW YORK”  Solo Exhibition Dejavu’s ART GALLERY (previously- Bodely Gallery), NYC


  Harlem School of the Arts, NEW YORK CITY

“LISTEN”  Solo Exhibition in Washington DC: Embassy of Uruguay,  Washington DC

Arty•nights - group exhibit - Bohemian Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art - Punta del Este, Uruguay

Gallery Nights - group show - Galería Diana Saravia en Lazaro & Acle - La Barra, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Group exhibit - Bohemian Gallery and Museum of Contemporary Art MVD - Montevideo, Uruguay

Mujeres I - group exhibit - Imperiale Art Gallery • Global Art • WSW - Punta del Este, Uruguay

Barranguet's Anthology Exhibit - solo show - Space Art, LIC, New York

Mundo - solo exhibit - Astoria, New York



Hand painted dress featured at the XIII Latin Grammy Award Ceremony,(Las Vegas, NV)  from the "Iconos" collection by Mercedes Henaise and Vicky Barranguet. Music from the Painting Tango show, nominated for "Best Contemporary Classical Composition"

Painting Tango - live painting, live music - Reaching U event, Elias Regules, Montevideo, Uruguay

Pink Spring - group exhibit -T WC, Diana Saravia Art Gallery - Montevideo, Uruguay

Sabados - Casa-Tatu - solo show - Montevideo, Uruguay

Tango es también el Sur - group exhibit - Zona 598 Arte - El Gran Sur Bienal de Montevideo Collateral Event

Carrasco Fashion Tour ITAU Bank - solo show - Puritanas, Montevideo, Uruguay

Museos en la Noche - Diana Saravia Art Gallery - Montevideo, Uruguay

Group exhibit - Espacio in Fabula Gallery - Montevideo, Uruguay


Mural Commision-Susan Street Fine Art Gallery/UCSD (University of California) - Suplizio Family Cardiovascular Center - San Diego, California

Jonathan Shorr Gallery - group exhibit - Garnerville Art Center - Garnerville, New York

Barranguet's Anthology Exhibit - solo show - Space Art, LIC, New York

Mundo - solo exhibit - Astoria, New York



Tango Casenave - live painting, live music - Skirball Center, NYU (New York University), Manhattan, NY 

CUNY TV interview featuring Tango Casenave - live painting, live music - Skirball Center, NYU (New York University), Manhattan, NY

Art Stars of the 21st Century - exhibit, live painting, live jazz - Gaga Arts Center - 10th Annual Gaga Arts Festival, Ganerville, NY

Jazz Improvisation and the Visual Impulse - Conference about music and


 painting, during live performance with Grammy Award winner Jane Ira Bloom, Latin Grammy Award Nominee Gustavo Casenave, Marty Ehrlich and artist Rebecca Allan, at Philoctetes Center - Manhattan, NY

Jodi Arnold Collection - Barranguet's Artworks selected and commissioned as inspiration for 2009 and 2010 collections and prints - New York

New York Times article - Fashion & Style section - featured Barranguet's artwork "Clave de Sol" printed on Jodi Arnold's design piece, NY, NY



Article by Uruguayan press, featured Barranguet among eight of the most renowned young artists from Uruguay 

"Los nuevos adultos del arte nacional” Revista Galeria, Montevideo, Uruguay

LOLA & Vicky Barranguet - collaboration exhibit @ Mundo - Astoria, NY

Solo Exhibit - Jodi Arnold NYC - JA inspired by the collaboration of abstract expressionists and bebop musicians - Manhattan, NY

Painting Tango - Palais de Glace, - Stowe, Vermont



Dermur Selected artist - commercial/documentary featuring Barranguet's work and herself - Montevideo, Uruguay

Somniac Art Gallery - individual and collective exhibitions, and live painting - Manhattan, New York

Painting Music - Coronado Hotel - with Casenave and Federico Britos, Grammy Award - UCSD (University of California), San Diego, California

INS & Outs Magazine publishes Barranguet's artwork - LIC, New York

Mural Commision - Art Home Gallery - LIC, New York



Painting Tango - declared by Uruguayan government of Cultural Interest

Painting Tango - Museo del Barrio - SOLD OUT - Tango Casenave ensemble, featuring Hector Del Curto, Nick Danielson and Pedro Giraudo

Collective exhibition featuring hand painted dresses/artwear - Gloria Kennedy Gallery - Dumbo, Brooklyn, NY

Collective exhibition featuring artwear and artwork - Art Home Gallery - LIC, New York

INS & Outs Magazine publishes features Barranguet's Artwear Collection - The Bubble Show - Manhattan, New York

Multisensorial Summer Collection 2007 - individual exhibition - Acatras del Mercado Art Gallery

Multisensorial collection featured in various magazines and tv shows - Montevideo, Uruguay

Artes de la Lapataia - individual exhibition - Lapataia Jazz Festival - Punta del Este, Uruguay



Shanghai Art Fair - collective exhibition - Shanghai, China

IFA Village Fashion and Art Gallery - collective exhibition - Shanghai, China

Trazos UY - Collective exhibitions of Uruguayan artists in different art galleries - Shanghai, China

Galerias Prinardi - collective exhibition - Puerto Rico

Hotel Normandi - collective exhibition - Puerto Rico

Longchamp, Nike, Adidas - Commissions on leather -Argentina, Thailand, China, USA, France

Pintando Musica Show - Hotel Panamericano - Buenos Aires, Argentina

Acatras del Mercado Art Gallery - individual exhibition - Montevideo, Uruguay

Exhibition and Auction at Castells y Castells - Montevideo, Uruguay

Creates  an original collection of hand painted dresses - Montevideo Fashion Week - Montevideo, Uruguay

Artes de la Lapataia - individual exhibition - Lapataia Jazz Festival - Punta del Este, Uruguay

Manzione Galleries (Punta del Este y La Barra) - Punta del Este, Uruguay

Trench Gallery, La Barra - Punta del Este, Uruguay



Theater for the New City - 5x3 meters mural, Manhattan, NY

Galerias Prinardi - collective exhibition - Puerto Rico

CD cover artwork "Solo" Roland Gebhardt, Germany

Nike, Adidas, Grimoldi - Commissions on leather -Argentina, Thailand, China, USA

Acatras del Mercado Art Gallery - c


ollective and individual exhibition - Montevideo, Uruguay

Live painting - various TV programs - Montevideo, Uruguay

Foyer Sala Zitarrosa - individual exhibition - Montevideo, Uruguay

Sala Zitarrosa - Pintando Musica Show with Gustavo Casenave, pianist and composer - Montevideo, Uruguay

Clary Sage Boutique - individual exhibition - Montevideo, Uruguay

Clever Lara's Atelier - Montevideo, Uruguay

Revista Caras - Conrad Hotel - Pintando Musica for Brazilian Magazine, Punta del Este, Uruguay

Conrad Hotel -  Pintando Musica Show - Summer Opening Party



Theater for the New City - solo exhibition, Manhattan, NY


Sala Zitarrosa - scenography - Montevideo, Uruguay


Art Students League of New York - "Merit Scholarship" Award - Lincoln Center - Cork Gallery - collective exhibition 


Atrio Intendencia Municipal de Montevideo - individual exhibition, Montevideo, Uruguay


Art Students League of New York - various collective exhibitions till 2005

Bistro Jules - individual exhibition



Studies at "The Art Students League of New York" in Manhattan with Larry Poons, William Scharf and Frank O'Cain - till present, assists to lectures, studio painting and classes - Manhattan, New York

CD cover painting - Flower and the Moon - Fula Records - Manhattan, New York


Cambridge Center - Art Studies - Boston, Massachusets

Berklee College of Music - individual exhibition - Boston, Massachusets



“...intriguing, challenging and effective painting.” -El Anatsui, artist


“...I was immediately moved by the freedom and movement in each of her paintings, she abandons all rules and simply paints what’s in her soul. Her paintings combine emotion and energy, culminating in art that can be best 

described as alive” -Jodi Arnold, designer

“Hailing from Montevideo,Uruguay, artist Vicky Barranguet exhibits a new fresh style of mixing paint and elements of an almost geometric forces revealing a unique visual of color complexities. -Deborah Charles, LSD (London Street-Art Design ) Magazine


“...great Uruguayan artist, with amazing creativity...”  -Diario La República, Thomas Werner, Uruguay


“...interesting artistic career. ..”  -Diario Ultimas Noticias, Alejandra Volpi, Uruguay


“...excellent work...”  -De Norte a Sur, New York 

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