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Vicky Barranguet is a painter born in Montevideo, Uruguay that currently lives and works in New York. Vicky has participated in many exhibitions nationally and internationally and her paintings have also been acquired by various private collections. Her work is embodied  by an empirical investigation of the pictorial structure, where processes departing from spontaneous gestures evolve into elaborate and complex systems where improvisation, organization of form and space, and attention to detail are at its core. She created in 2005 the show: Painting Music, a live painting - music show, touring since then through out the world, with original music, nominated for the Latin Grammy Awards, by her partner Gustavo Casenave and participation of Jane Ira Bloom y Federico Britos, Grammy award winners. In 2006, she created a special collection of hand painted dresses, presenting them in Uruguay’s Fashion Week '06, '07 & '08, collaborating with different designers. In 2010 she was the featured artist for Jodi Arnold’s 2010 collection in New York City, featured in the New York Times.

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Barranguet featured among 11 NYC artists curated

by Rebecca Wilson, Chief Director of Saatchi Art

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Barranguet featured among 11 Uruguayan artists